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Greetings, welcome to Peekn Services, thanks for checking in.
We provide a wide range of Industrial Electrical Enclosures , Components   
& IT 19" Rack solutions designed and manufactured to high quality standards
 whilst meeting (if not exceeding) the economical aspects of your project requirements.
Please find below an overview of our "CONTRACTOR RANGE"
The "CONTRACTOR RANGE" of Industrial enclosures meets the needs of approx 90% of standard
packaging solutions, our "CONTRACTOR RANGE" of 19" data / comm racks encompass applications
from SOHO through to commercial installations and can be upgraded to meet
enterprise class server rack requirements c/advanced cable management & power distribution.
We also offer an "ENCLOSURE PLUS RANGE" which has an extended range
of enclosure sizes / models and a comprehensive accessory portfolio.
PSPK Series 1 PSPK Series 2 PSKLM Series PSKLS Series
ABS / Polycarbonate ABS / Polycarbonate Mild Steel Stainless Steel
Terminal / Junction Boxes Terminal / Junction Boxes Terminal boxes Terminal boxes
64 Models 16 Models 19 Models 18 Models

PSEB Series PSCE Series PSKS Series PSSS Series
Mild Steel Terminal boxes c/ hinged front lockable door Mild Steel enclosures / Control Panels Glass Fibre Polyester enclosures 316 Grade Stainless Steel enclosures
16 Models 27 Models 7 Models 19 Models



PSWMG Series PSWMB Series PSZHG Series PSZHB Series
2 Part 19" Wall Mounted Racks 2 Part 19" Wall Mounted Racks 3 Part 19" Wall Mounted Racks 3 Part 19" Wall Mounted Racks
15 Models 15 Models 14 Models 14 Models


PSA4 Series




Free Standing 19" Racks


32 Models


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we make no claims of any affiliation with any manufacturer or their distributors

and offer these products purely as a service to our clients. Alternate products may be supplied

at our discretion if they meet or exceed our clients expectations / specifications.

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